The Circus Hearts………….from the beginning.

We started out as three guys in a garage with two songs. Jojo, Sean and Chris. There were really no expectations, just fun and making the music that we wanted to make. Honestly that was it ! We had a pretty good idea of what we wanted it to sound like and when Mike Kiker (keys), Joe Anzuena (vocals) and Bobby Michaels (sax) came in to lend their various talents, the sound we had envisioned was becoming a reality. It was better than we had ever thought it would be. Six guys in an old, dusty auto garage had just recorded “This Old Coat” and “Annie C’mon”. We needed more songs and a place to mix and master the two songs we had. So, we holed up in our rehearsal room and found Derek Chafin at Barn Sound Studio to mix our songs. After months of hard work, writing and pre-producing new songs, we were ready to get back into recording mode. This time at Barn Sound Studio with Derek at the board. Four new songs (three originals and one cover) were recorded with the same cast of characters, plus a few new additions. Chris Peace added piano and Hammond on a couple of songs and a chance encounter at rehearsal one night introduced us to Reneth Marie and Michelle Roane, who added the cherry on top of an already tasty sound. The three guys in the garage had morphed into a nine piece unit of some of the scene’s most talented musicians. “A Stitch or Two…” was finally a reality. It was mixed by Derek at Barn Sound and then sent to Peter Humphreys at Masterwork Recording for mastering.

The Circus Hearts “A Stitch or Two” is available for pre-order on vinyl at

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A record release show is being planned for September. The dream has come full circle into a fascinating reality.

The Cast of Characters are………

Joe Anzuena – Lead Vocals

Sean Flynn – Guitars

JoJo Buerklin – Drums

Chris Herninko – Bass

Mike Kiker – Electric Piano/Upright Piano/Hammond Organ

Chris Peace – Electric Piano/Hammond Organ

Bobby Michaels – Tenor Saxophone

Reneth Marie – Backing Vocals

Michelle Roane – Backing Vocals